SISDev (RC1523933)



ON 20TH  FEBRUARY , 2021


WPSN Brief introduction took place between members of SISDev and the women peer support Network. Women Peer Support Network(WPSN), Bauchi State is a Women supported team initiated by Leadlots and Human Development services with support from National Endowment for Democracy, NED-USA. The Network serves as a strong advocacy team to gather, disseminate information and provide advisory function as it relates to:
WPSN Courtesy Visit to SISDev
  • Mentoring Women’s political participation and decision making
  • Supporting and mentoring Women candidate and elected officials
  • Advancing women’s participation in governance and political processes by joining efforts, and exchanging information, experiences and cooperation in achieving common goals. 


  • To partner and collaborate with SISDev with regards women participation in Governance.
  • To also seek the consent of Amb.Laraba Abdullahi whom they admire as a role model to be their consult whenever the need arises.


The Women peer support network is a congregation of women, that engages in advocacy on women empowerment, skills acquisition, capacity building trainings in Entrepreneurship and also a voice to the society towards ensuring female inclusion interms of Governance.


  1. Women should be given equal opportunities as men in the society.
  2. Organisations like this should be partnered with to increase the efficiency of Governance.




The visit started with an introduction between members of SISDev and the acting permanent secretary of women affairs. The chair of the Good Governance Team Amb.Laraba Abdullahi gave an overview of SISDev as, legally registered with CAC with an RC number of 1523933 as limited by Guaranty on September 11th, 2018. The organization started in 2006 as EDF, until 2018 it was renamed as “SISDev” a non-partisan, non- governmental organization consisting of 5 BOTs, group of fellows, an Executive Director, staff and volunteers. She further added that, SISDev focuses on three thematic areas:

  1. Peace and Security
  2. Good Governance
  3. Energy and Environment


The purpose of the visit was to seek for partnership in relevant areas that are similar as SISDev’s and also to support Government to raise leaders that are accountable and transparent through cross fertilization of ideas by bringing change and enhancing sustainability. Adding that, SISDev provides capacity building training to staff and also technical expertise towards ensuring efficiency in delivery of service. The issue of Gender Based Violence (GBV) was also a reason for the courtesy call, which is considered one of the menace affecting the society and needs to be addressed. Gender Equity; ensuring that women participate actively in the running and Governance of the society.


After SISDev’s brief introduction with the commissioner, Hon. Hajara Gidado, Amb.Laraba Abdullahi added that, the visit was to identify areas of collaboration with regards to Gender Based Violence and Harassment, she also stated that, SISDev has energetic and strong youths whom are willing, therefore if there is any way if the Government needs support SISDev will come in. Further added that, as a Ministry of Women affairs, there is the need to address such cases as the representation of women is not commensurate to men at work places. More on her explanation, women are more vulnerable to abuses in places of work, so she said as SISDev works with the Ministry, there will be a bigger and wider opportunity of reducing such cases. Furthermore, she narrated that, ensuring Girl-Child education and enrolment becomes important in terms of retention in the Tertiary level. More on key areas is, the Almajiri System, whom are being recruited as Boko Haram. Therefore, there is the need to prioritize the Almajiri.

The permanent secretary Aliyu Ibrahim chipped in and added that, the Ministry runs projects on(OPC) Orphans and Vulnerable Children and (GBV). Added that issues of Child Abuse are being handled by BASOCA.

  ALA added that, SISDev collaborates with Women Peer Support Network to provide capacity building Training for young women and support. Similarly, JB Gave a briefing on some of the activities undertaken by SISDev:

  • SGBV presentation
  • Girls in Tertiary Education
  • Collaboration with women that have a diverse focus such as SHE-tech and Solar Sister.

The commissioner, after listening to SISDev also gave a briefing on activities carried out by her office: SGBV, which she said is rampant and due to that, laws have been set but because it has clashed with religious ethics, is subject to review. She added that, Bauchi State had recorded 720 cases of rape and mostly after sentence perpetrators get acquitted and also the Government is trying to see that is being stopped. The commissioner also shared her experience with regards to campus harassment.

Similarly, she said the Government had developed children parliament, where young and vulnerable ones have the right to give their views. Furthermore, Ministry of Education and USAID together with her office provide support to ensure they are comfortable in school. Added that, her office had launched an action plan in terms of security and Good Governance with CSOs, so there needs to be Gender Equity with regards to this issue.


The commissioner stated that, SISDev has a group of experts and experienced individuals and therefore her office wishes to partner and collaborate with SISDev, in order to achieve sustainability.


  1. Government should provide structures with conveniences for food vendors inorder to minimize trafficking and abuse by unscrupulous elements in the society.
  2. Government should allow women participation/inclusion in all aspect of governance.
  3. Government should ensure that, justice is served for victims of GBV and other criminal activities.











Visit to BASEPA

Bauchi State Environmental Protection Agency (BASEPA) is a regulatory and servicing agency under the Ministry of Environment, responsible for the protection and cleanliness of the environment in the state.

The Agency held a function that recognizes the presence of the Executive Governor of Bauchi state, His Excellency, Sen. Bala. A. Muhammed (Kauran Bauchi). The event was also attended by Hon. Commissioner Ministry of Housing and Environment Hon. Hamisu Mu’azu Shira (Sarkin Fadan Katagum), Secretary to the State Government (Muhammed Sabiu Baba), Dr. Yakubu Muhammed Baba (Registrar/CEO) Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON), Hon. Musa Wakili Nakwada (Chairman House Committee on Environment and Forestry) Bauchi state house of assembly, Dr. Ibrahim Kabir, MNES (DG) BASEPA.

Other important dignitaries that were present include former DGs of BASEPA, Permanent Secretaries, Head of Civil Service, Hon. Commissioners and CEOs of Boards and Parastatals, Bauchi State Chief Judge, the Grand Khadi, State Party Chairman PDP, Honorable Members Bauchi state House of Assembly, Executive Director SISDev with team and other representatives of the NGOs.

SISDev was specially invited to attend the occasion and participate in an exhibition. SISDev was represented in the event by the volunteer ED, Mrs Titi Yakubu, who gave a Goodwill Message on Behalf of the Board Trustee to the Governor and other dignitaries. Others at the SISDev stand were Fatima Kabir (program assistant) and a volunteer (Gabriel Ochala).


Governor Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed Kaura launched the first Environmental science laboratory in the state. It was designed to carry out water quality Test and soil analysis of more than 15 parameters. The Governor, while commissioning the project also stated that, the laboratory will serve as a center for testing the quality of three environmental components (water, soil and plants).

The laboratory is equipped with advanced machines/ technologies that can perform environmental scan before any implementation. In addition, the laboratory will also serve as a center for keeping variety of samples. Furthermore, the Governor urged BASEPA to perform environmental – scan of the 20 local governments of the state. This is to identify the environmental issues and problems that may arise, in order to implement action or proffer solutions to the problems using the guidelines of Best Management Practice (BMP). In addition, budget provision should be made by the agency in order to implement and tackle the issues.

Similarly, the Governor stated that, his government is not only protecting the environment, but rather preserving it for future generations. He added that, the state has now been declared as the cleanest Environment in the North Eastern region of Nigeria. Furthermore, the Governor stressed that guidelines, policies and rules are being formulated by his Government in order to sensitize the populace of the state on their roles and responsibilities with regards to having a clean environment.

Furthermore the Governor added that, his administration has created a draft policy for waste management practice in Bauchi state which is under review by various stakeholders in order to ensure a clean environment.

Finally, clean-up Nigeria gave an award of excellence to the Governor of Bauchi State in his effort for ensuring environmental cleanliness schemes in Bauchi state. During the event, the Registrar/CEO of environmental Health officer’s registration council of Nigeria, Dr. Yakubu Muhammed adorned the governor as a Fellow of the Council. 

During the program the DG narrated that various organizations have interest and willingness with regards to collaboration and partnership with the Agency in order to achieve good environmental practice. Goodwill messages were given by the Registrar General, EHORECON, president ISOPON and Executive Director (SISDev) of whom which are partners to the agency.

At the end of the program, the Governor went round with his entourage to various NGO stands in order to view their exhibition.


  1. Based on the Best Management Practice (BMP) policies formulated by Government, there is the need for regular conduction of exercise to ensure that, populace abide by the policy with regards to their implementation or the Government should collaborate with relevant stake holders to ensure regular checkup exercise.
  2. Appropriate protective wears should not be over emphasized with regards to workers during any project exercise, so as to avoid the impairment of health or minimize any risk or hazard associated with a project.
  3. The implementation of penalties or fines needs to be reviewed with regards to improper disposal of waste and deforestation
  4. Timely payment of workers in every project exercise will enhance success in its implementation.
  5. The role of BASEPA, needs to be reviewed in order to strengthen its capacity with regards to solid waste management.





Fatima. M. Kabir.

Program Assistant



(Mac Arthur Foundation Supported Project) 




A Workshop Organized by Centre for Peace, Diplomatic and Development studies, (CPDDS)University of Maiduguri.






Report by: Fatima .M. kabir




11th December 2020




The Project was conceived in 2012 by a group of academicians known as Center for Peace, Diplomatic and Development Studies CPDDS from the University of Maiduguri.

 Mac Arthur Foundation approved the funding for the project in the same year, since then the issue of security challenges has deteriorated particularly in the Borno, Adamawa and Yobe (BAY) states which continued to worsen. This affected the implementation of the project over the years, because of the persistence in security challenges in the area where the University is located.

CPDDS hopes to finalize the document by 2021 after getting approval from Mac Arthur Foundation.

This dialogue also traced the history of why Boko Haram invaded the Maiduguri forest area.

The presence of natural resources (oil and gas) which was discovered in 1999 by two students from geology department of Abubarka Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi, which they dug up to 3000 meters (not in commercial quantity) and was later abandoned, later Chad and Nigeria discovered commercial quantity.

This issue brought about the sponsorship of Boko Haram to antagonize the people of Borno, in order to take over the area because of the presence of natural resources.

The workshop recognizes various NGOs and CBOs across the Northern states of which SISDev was invited and represented by Fatima. M. Kabir (program assistant).

The policy dialogue took place in series and this is the 7th edition. In addition, the workshop examines Human Rights and security challenges in the north. Zabarmari incidents that happened recently in Maiduguri, beheading of rice farmers in broad day light. According to the media (43 people were killed), Bandits attacks Sokoto Mass Transit Travelers, Gunmen killed 16 Kano indigenes along Abuja-Kaduna Highway, a policeman shot a Keke Napep man to death over a 100-naira bribe, father-daughter rape case in Kaduna. Human right violation and corruption of officials (A case of Keke Napep man who usually drops passengers and runaway with their goods, was caught and later released with a bail of 50,000 naira).

These policy dialogues which began from 2012 till date, after the manifest of Boko Haram. Terrorist activities evolve from Maiduguri, Yobe, Adamawa and some parts of Taraba State. Crimes were rebranded and institutionalized in areas, as such were alarming and became a cause of concern. Therefore the need for the capacity and readiness of the Nigeria States to protect life’s and properties is paramount, that is why CPDDS organized this workshop as a way forward in addressing security challenges.

A photo of participant presenting at the workshop
A photo of a participant presenting on PD

The reason why CPDDS wants to partner and collaborate, is because seminars, workshop/conference, series of knowledge sharing and discussions have been organized on security challenges over the years, and yet implementation of the policies were not done. So, CPDDS has decided to come up with a final document, with the aim of ensuring this policy is implemented and the document will be launched in Abuja.

Contributions/way forward:

  • Conduction of a regular and comprehensive verification exercise to ensure that, Government arms in the hands of security personnel are not stolen or sold out to unauthorized persons
  • Increase in Human capital development
  • Strengthen the institution and process of governance, so that citizens that are becoming frustrated over poor governance will not result to violent crimes.
  • Collaboration with relevant stake holders to ensure that this policy have been implemented
  • Government should promote peaceful coexistence among various ethnic groups in the country.














The meeting started with an opening prayer and self-introduction from both staff of Local Government Service Commission and the staff of SISDev.

The chairman (Alh. Aminu Ahmed) gave a welcome remark by appreciating the SISDev team for the courtesy visit.  The team was briefed on the responsibility of the agency that has the sole responsibility of overseeing and management of the Local government staff for all the twenty (20) LGAs in Bauchi State. Their responsibilities include; staff recruitment, promotion, discipline and retirement.

The Chairman BoT SISDev (Prof. Abdulqadir Ibrahim) in his response informed the team that, SISDev, means; Savannah Institute for Sustainable Development and was established about three (3yrs) ago. It is registered with the CAC and operates in Bauchi and will expand to the entire North East region. It is based in Bauchi. The organisation has three thematic focus as follows; Good Governance, Peace & Security and Energy and Environment.

The governance structure of SISDev is headed by the Board of Trustees who has the mandate on strategic decision and policy thrust of the organisation.  The Board of Fellows are persons with technical expertise in various fields and contribute to the achievement of the Organisational goals. The programme Staff handle the implementation of projects as well as team of volunteers who supports and fill in the gaps as well as learn and acquire skills to become employable.

The purpose of the visit is based on the importance of the role of the Local government who has direct impact on the people because of its closeness to the grass root. The LGA system is strategic in governance at the local level. SISDev have the strong believe that, if the systems at the Local level is effective faster progress will be achieved. Hence local government is critical for sustainable development.SISDev has strong interest in grass root development and the Agency is relevant to the institute. The LGA is important as vehicle to development andthe Agency have access and control to both Human and material resources which can be harnessed for the development of the rural poor. SISDev is willing to support and build the capacity towards sustainable use of the resources to be more effective and efficient for the benefit of the rural populace. SISDev is willing to support organisation to identify talents not utilised through networking and developing their capacity. SISDev apply the following approaches; Capacity building, Partnership and Model development.

The Director training emphasised training as most essential for staff development to be more effective. Staff development is key to organisational growth and sustainability. Hence, he recommended a proposal for capacity building to be developed and shared with the Agency for consideration.

In the same manner the ALGON Chairman representing the 20 LGAs lamented the decay in the system of the Local government governance where staffs lack the capacity and technical skills in simple administrative management.  He assures the team of SISDev that, issues related to environment and energy is critical for the LGA because they are for the people.  ALGON is willing to partner with SISDev in the following areas; capacity building, Administrative management, ICT literacy for staff and design of performance measurement for improved productivity.

  The Agency express their gratitude for the visit and promise to keep the line open for further discussion which will be translated into action for the Agency. The meeting was closed with prayer and group Photograph.