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Sensitization Workshop

Sensitization On Seasonal Rainfall Implication

 Stakeholders present for the sensitization workshop included; SEMA, NIMET, BSADP, Ministry of Agriculture, A.T.A.P Bauchi, SISDev, Albarka Radio, ASSAPIN, AFAN, Bauchi Development Youth Association, Ganjuwa Young Farmers Association, Dass Youth Farmers and other local farmers.


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Forward in Action for the Conservation of Indigeneous Species (FACIS) is a non-profit making, Non-Governmental organisation established for over 10years and has become a recognized organisation in Nigeria on its campaigns, especially areas related to climate change, peace building, health and defining self awareness towards skills acquisition among others. FACIS has been on the fore front in the fight and creating the right awareness on” climate change”.

As part of their effort to combat climate Change, they organized this program for the relevant stakeholders involved so that, it will serve as a stepping stone and an eye opener to the Government, farmers and the community on how climate change has effect on weather, causing seasonal variation in rainfall, which is predicted to affect our Agricultural activities. This information has been dessiminated to other states except Bauchi, as such became necessary for FACIS to raise awareness on such delicate issues like this. In Bauchi State most farmers engage in seasonal farming, therefore, they need to be enlightened on the weather forcast as described by NIMET and the type of improved variety of seedlindgs to be planted so as to adapt to the climatic changes.


The First presenter: Dr.Muhammad Sinusi from Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi, In his paper Titled: “Climate Change and its Implication on Agriculture In Nigeria”;defines Climate Change as; any change in climate over time that alters the composition of the global atmosphere (Audu,2010).The Inter-Governmental panel on climate change (IPCC, 2007 cited in Audu, et al (2010) refers to it as any change in climate or weather due to natural variability or as a result of human activity.As such” Climate Change” is one of the prevailing environmental problems in the world and has gained universal discourse in recent time because its effects are multi-faceted. It is a single problem which has given birth to numerous known issues such as sea level rise, ocean warming, increasing temperature, rainfall variability, increasing evaporation and increasing tropical storm among others.

He added that, the problems have metamorphosized into some impacts such as the decline in Agricultural activities, drought, migration, health problems, crisis among farmers and herdsmen, flooding, erosion, hunger and poverty among others. More to his explanation, he stated that; the increase in average global temperature is traced to the amount of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission into the atmosphere from both natural and human activities. Adding that, the recurrent conflict between farmers and herdsmen in many parts of the country is a clear indication of devastation of climate change like the recent destruction of lives and property in Agatu and Nimbo communities of Benue and Enugu States respectively over grazing site and water source.

Finally, he concluded in his paper that, climate change creates harsh business environment for animal production consequently reduces massive participation. Ebele and Amodi (2016) observed that there is already more than 20% reduction per annum investment profits in livestock production system due to climate change.

The second presenter: Malam Haruna Malami from Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) stated that, for the year 2021, the earliest onset of rainfall forecast in Bauchi State is predicted to be on the 15th of May at Alkaleri and Tafawa Balewa. Stressing that, onset marks the beginning of raining season and not the beginning of rainfall. From his forcast record for 2021, Zaki will experience the last onset which is expected to be on the 12th of June 2021.By then places like Alkaleri most have had the raining season already.

The earliest siezation is still predicted to be at Zaki which will be around 13th of October 2021.They are expected to have the least Number of Raining days and least amount of total rainfall.Alkaleri and Tafawa Balewa will have the highest number of Raining days predicted to reach 178 days and Bauchi town will have the highest amount of total rainfall expected to reach 1078mm a little less than last year which was predicted to be 1141mm.

Finally, he stated that, rainfall is one of the most important elements in our farming communities as almost all our farming system is based on rainfed system.


It is disappointing that full attention is given to ways through which the Nigerian economy can be diversified and fossil fuels are not given much attention interms of production and consumption, which is the major cause of the present situation or problems arising from climate change.

Which is the main reason why NIMET were tasked to predict and broadcast the expected climate variables across the country for advanced warnings due to climate change such as flood, drought, heat waves and storms. And for the farming communities, to be able to know when best to plant, what to plant and even when to apply fertilizer to the crops.


  • Government active participation in the crusade to save the environment by policies formulation and affirmative action by government at all levels.
  • Support agencies like Nigeria Meteorological Agencies, NEMA, and National Orientation agency in their drive for safer environment.
  • Timely sensitization on issues of climate change using all Media outfits.
  • Incorporation of climate change-related subjects into primary and post-primary schools’ curriculum.
  • A sustainable land management practices such as agroforestry should be adopted.


   AFAN-All farmers Association of Nigeria

   SEMA-State Emergency Management Agency

   NIMET-Nigerian Meteorological Agency

   ASSAPIN-Association of Small-Scale Agro producers in Nigeria

   BSADP-Bauchi State Agricultural Development Program