SISDev (RC1523933)

Sensitization workshop On Entrepreneurship


This sensitisation workshop was organised under the Peace and Security thematic area. It was meant to expose the beneficiaries to the idea of self-employment which is capable of taking away our youth from crime and acts of insecurity. The event was a one-day programme, and it took place at SISDev.

Resource persons came from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), and the Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL). As well, 5 members from our partner CBOs; the Wunti Development Association (WDA) and the Birshi Youth Movement for Peace and Security (BYMPS) attended the event.

FIRST PRESENTATION. The first presentation was to be on the need for entrepreneurship in Nigeria and an introduction to entrepreneurship; to be taken by the resource person from BOI who was unfortunately absent. Therefore, Brigadier General BM Ibrahim (Rtd) of SISDev had to take the presentation on the need for entrepreneurship in Nigeria. He highlighted that jobs were no more available in large quantity in the labour market and hence, the youth must explore the possibility of becoming self-employed. This was more imperative with increasing population and the high number graduates from our tertiary institutions.

The first presenter stressing a point

SECOND PRESENTATION. The second presentation was by Mr Abdulrasheed Audu Aliyu from SMEDAN, Bauchi. He spoke on 2 topics; How to develop a marketable idea and How to develop a business plan. Aliyu dealt with the 2 topics extensively. He emphasized on the need, as a basic requirement, for one to have the passion and enthusiasm to venture into a particular business. He also explained to the participants how they could develop a business plan, and followed it up with the kind of services they render at SMEDAN. His submission included his personal examples and illustrations projected on power point slides. At the end of the 2 sessions there was an interactive period.

 Abdulrasheed Audu Aliyu discussing about Business Plan.

THIRD PRESENTATION. The third presentation was by Mr Danlele Yusuf  of NIRSAL, Bauchi. Danlele talked on how to access loans from different lending institutions. He stressed on the importance of proper bookkeeping and good financial management in order to be able to secure the loans. Lunch was served at the end of this session.

 FOURTH AND FIFTH PRESENTATIONS. The fourth and fifth presentations were made by Brigadier General BM Ibrahim (Rtd) and Isiaka Ibrahim; all from SISDev. The General spoke about the existing opportunities for self-employment in the informal and formal sectors of the Nigerian economy. He stressed that one would only have to look closely around in his immediate environment and he/she would see the opportunities. Areas of choice included agriculture, the service sector, information technology, and the capital market among others. Isiaku Ibrahim, on his part shared with the participants, his personal experience and that of his friend, Mr Idris Lawal, the Managing Director of ID Farms and Agro Allied Industry, just inspire them.

 Mr Danlele Yusuf giving his presentation on lending institutions.

CLOSING ACTIVITIES. At the close of the day there was an evaluation; a male participant from each CBO and a female participant gave their own brief understanding of the day's event. This was followed by closing remarks by the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Prof AQ Ibrahim. There was a group photograph before the dispersal of every one.

 The participants and their hosts