International Day Of Education 2024


In an effort to curtail the issue of drug abuse among youths, Savannah Institute for Sustainable Development (SISDev) commemorated the World Day of Education themed: "LEARNING FOR LASTING PEACE" on Monday 24th January, 2024 at Government Comprehensive Day Secondary School (GCDSS) Bauchi, Bauchi state. The event was organized by SISDev and anchored by Mustapha Mohammed Adamu.

The programme started with the registration of students, teachers, SISDev officials and Albarka radio representative. A total number of 65 participants were registered. 

The principal of the school in person of Mal. Shehu Lawal gave an opening remark for the programme. He made emphasis on the importance of education and how education could change the lives of people, particularly children. He also stressed that drug abuse is becoming a serious issue in our communities today and how this drug abuse translates to the high rate of crime we are currently experiencing. In conclusion, he stated that with proper education, the war against drug abuse can be effectively won and he was pleased to see that SISDev was on the right track to do so.

The Theme Conversation: “LEARNING FOR LASTING PEACE” 

The conversation started with Haj. Jummai Bappah (JB) mni, asking the students various questions , trying to get their level of understanding of the purpose of the programme. Some of the questions asked were: What is an International Day?; Why is education very important?. Various students provided useful answers to the questions asked. Some of their responses included: “An international Day is a day set aside by the United Nations (UN) to celebrate a particular day”, “Education is light that can take you through a path of life” and “Education is a jewel that can never decay”.

Furthermore, She made it clear to the students that International Days are meant for celebration and are done only once in a year and asked for examples of these international days. Various examples were given such as Children’s Day, Environment Day, Drug Abuse Day etc. She also stated that the reason we are celebrating this day in the school is because SISDev wants to create awareness on the effects of drug abuse and also use education as a powerful instrument to control drug abuse. Also, she emphasized the importance of the Drug Free Club currently present in the school and how it could be used as a tool to bring about change in the society.

The conversation later focused on the direction of the theme of the day, of which JB explained what Learning for Lasting Peace meant and how the cause should be championed by young minds. She stressed that it was the main reason SISDev decided to carry out the programme in the school. In conclusion the students were asked for suggestions on how they could ensure that their environments have lasting peace. The students gave various useful suggestions that can be used to ensure lasting peace in the society. Some of the suggestions included; Obeying societal rules and regulation, staying away from drug abuse, staying away from cult activities etc

Distribution of Drug Free Club’s Guide Booklets

This was anchored by MMA. Before the distribution, he emphasized that the booklet is actually an educational tool that should be used by the Club to champion the war against drug abuse. He also stated that the Club should use the guide booklets during their routine meetings as all the roles and responsibilities of each executive member are clearly stated in the booklet. The distribution of the booklets started with the Club’s two Patrons in the persons of Mr. Lumi and Mal. Abubakar. Furthermore, the offices of the Club’s President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Public Relations Officer (PRO) and Treasurer were all given a copy each. The School’s Principal and Vice Principal were also given a copy of the guide booklet each. Muhammad Aminu Umar, also gave a speech on the importance of education and encouraged the students to take their education seriously. 

Closing Remark

The Closing remark was given by one of the club’s patrons in the person of Mal. Abubakar. In his address, he appreciated SISDev for its kind gesture towards the School and the Drug Free Club. He also assured SISDev that the Club will take its mandate seriously moving forward.

Closing Prayer/Refreshment

A closing prayer anchored by Yusuf Abdullahi (YA) was said individually and refreshment were distributed. A reporter from Albarka radio in the person of Mal. Sani conducted an interview with the Club’s President, Vice President and SISDev’s Team Lead (MMA).